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Photoshop for Photographers - Online Course

“Unlock the creative control of Photoshop to guide your viewer through an image and refine your own personal expression.”


Photoshop for Photographers is hosted by professional photographer Ken Wright. 

This impressive online course will take you through a complete processing workflow within Photoshop that is focused on tools and techniques for photographers. Topics include tools , cleaning images, transformation tools, making selections, dodging & burning, working with layers and masks, and using gradient layers for dynamic black & white images. 

Ken will share with you how he created the very results you see in his own work with recorded processing video examples of some of his best images.


$195.00 NZD




Photoshop Course
Photoshop Processing with Intent - Online Course
Photo Online Course

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The complete Bundle includes full access to Lightroom – Processing with IntentPhotoshop for Photographers and Fine Art Printing for $595.00 NZD.

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