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Passionate about photography? Discover where your photography can take you!

Welcome to New Zealand PhotoSchool online

Master the power of Lightroom, Photoshop and Fine Art Printing through Photoschool Online’s processing and printing courses.

Designed to enhance your photography techniques and skills.

Take your RAW images and learn how to apply expert tips and techniques through the processing workflow to produce professional high-quality images using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Start your photography journey today!

Lightroom Course

Correctly set up your Lightroom Catalogue.

Import and export content from your raw images through to printing.

Includes NEW Masking Tool Update; Sky & Subject Selection, Colour & Luminance Masking.

Learn Local adjustments.


3 Hours
20 Mins Video Tutorials


$195.00 NZD

Fine-Art Printing Course

Discover how to set up print files.

Use a colour managed workflow, turn your images into professional-grade prints using Lightroom & Photoshop.

Learn to edit for print, sharpen and soft proof images.

Print using a large format printer and understand paper style & choices.


5 Hours
30 Mins Video Tutorials


$295.00 NZD

Photoshop Course for Photographers

Learn to process workflow and use tools and techniques for photographers.

Topics include Tools, Cleaning images, Transformation Tools, Making Selections, Dodging & Burning.

Work with layers and masks.

Use gradient layers for dynamic black & white images.


7 Hours
30 Mins Video Tutorials


$195.00 NZD

Essential Landscape Photography

Correctly set up your camera settings for taking Landscape Photography

Learn to shoot in Manual Mode

Discover Neutral Density & Polariser filters


4 Video Tutorials


$350.00 NZD 

Photo Online Course

Buy the Bundle!

The complete Bundle includes full access to Lightroom Course,  Photographers and Fine Art Printing for $595.00 NZD.

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